Forgetful or just rude?

March 18, 2014

In my industry as with many others, follow up is essential to success. As a REALTOR® those of us in my market know exactly who will or won’t answer their phone much less return a call. It has been the discussion of many a sales meeting. We don’t even have to actually say the name(s) or those individuals. We just all know. As a Broker who has to answer to complaints about our agents I too have had to answer to that particular complaint from time to time. There are only so many excuses one can use. “I’m just so busy”. “I’ve had so many appointments”. “I had all these issues with a transaction”. Whatever your excuse is it’s just plain rude. It says to people you are not important or worthy of my time. I made it a priority when I started in real estate to never let a day go by without returning a call. If I did forget, I did acknowledge that when I did speak to the other person. I’ve found that forgiveness goes a long way in a professional relationship when you acknowledge your faults and mistakes. It’s odd that I can call someone and not get an answer, but yet get a text immediately asking me what I want. What? In an age of technology overload we have lost our manners. We ordered a boatload of simple notecards for our agents asking them simply to write a personal note to their clients at the end of the transaction. I’m amazed that they don’t use them. I use my own personalized note cards and write several each week. Perhaps they are using their own personal ones as well. I sure hope so. Having clients for life instead of one transaction is one of the keys to a long and prosperous career in sales. It could go a long way personally as well. I miss the art of etiquette in todays business world. I fear that the generation behind us will miss out on the importance of common courtesy. Social networking, texting and other technological means of communication are great, but good old southern manners can mean a good deal go great as well as help teach others a thing or two about courtesy.


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