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Just me….. Wife, mother, daughter, sister, grandmother (Cici) and then there’s the REALTOR® role. Twelve years with Aronov Realty Brokerage, Inc. and now a new venture to a smaller company, House & Home Real Estate in Montgomery, AL   While I love all the roles I play in life, being a REALTOR® and Broker has become one of the best parts to play.  At age 39 I figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up.  Hard work, nice paycheck, rewarding achievements, and some of the best people I’ve ever known.  They ARE my second family.

I do have a fabulous and supportive husband of 35 years.  Two children (CPA & Graphic Designer), lovely daughter-in-law and two grandchildren, Caleb & Maggie who make my heart sing.

My page and topics mostly target real estate interests for the consumer and if I get lucky enough to get a few followers that would be great too!


One Response to “About Carol”

  1. Kelvin "Long" Stokes Says:

    You have been given a heritage that few enjoy. Bask in it. Know that the Lord Himself has placed his blessing upon you and your family despite the choices and disappointments. It is in ?Him we find our joy and purpose. You have given a great honor to your mom and dad. Take care.-Long

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