Rants and Raves

April 9, 2015

Another day in the life of a caregiver……  After a four month wait to get an appointment with a Gastroenterologist for my 80 year old mother-in-law, and taking the majority of my afternoon to get her there we walked in only to be told “we rescheduled your appointment. You were sent a letter”. Really?  “I never received a letter”. As the rude desk clerk hardly looked up from her computer screen she added ” ma’am, I don’t get paid enough to get yelled at”.  I began to explain to her that we never received any notification and did she realize what a day is like helping my sweet mom-in-law out on an excursion is like. Again, she could barely give me any attention or explanation. They both quickly said they would have a copy of the letter. I asked to see it. After several minutes they could not produce it. I took our paperwork back and left almost in tears. I began to wonder if either of them had any idea of a simple apology for failing to notify us could have made a better impression on me. I also wondered how in the world I was going to explain to my mom-in-law that she would have to continue with her swallowing and gagging problem until I could arrange a new doctor referral. Today after calling her primary care physician to ask for that referral I was told they couldn’t refer her because she was on Hospice care. I’ve noticed since all this much ballyhooed Obamacare plan has been slowly implemented, the quality of care and compassion from medical professionals has plummeted. Not that it was so great before but it truly seems to be declining rapidly. No one wants to take accountability or do the right thing. They are all slowly being turned into regimented robots taking direction from the federal government. It is sad. Almost everyday I encounter the medical alerts, emergencies and changing of care for my mom-in-law. Each day brings new challenges. She’s frail and scared. She only has myself and my husband to attend to her the majority of time. She does have a wonderful sitter who gives her extraordinary attention and care. I’m thankful for each day she is with us. She’s so appreciative and cooperative despite her circumstances. I pray that we will have her around for a long time. It would be very lonesome without her with us.  



One Response to “Rants and Raves”

  1. Carole Harrison Says:

    Hang in there Carol. The medical maze is frustrating.

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