I’ve learned that at the age of 80, you are not easily able to recover. On January 5th we brought my mother in law home from the hospital. She had heart bypass and valve replacement on November 20th, 2014. She spent the entire holiday season in ICU, long term care and then a rehab hospital. My little spitfire mom whose weeks were spent doing yoga, tai chi, theater, luncheons, library visits, etc… has suddenly become very old in many ways. She now struggles to get out of bed, down the hall and up to the table to eat only to struggle to get back to her chair or to bed. When our family made the decision for her to move in with us permanently in September we never dreamed she would become this disabled so quickly due to a surprise surgery. Old age is not fun. It’s not fun to watch and although I love each of my birthdays, I do not look forward to getting old. Of course old gets older and older to me. I remember thinking 40 was middle aged at 20. Caring for the elderly can be a full time job. But it’s made a bit easier when the person you are caring for is lovable and gracious about her situation. My mother in law and I didn’t always get along. We had different opinions on raising children early on but it all worked out. I think she would say I wasn’t so bad after all. My children turned out educated, successful and happy. I’m happy to be able to help care for her through her last years and pray she will recover and enjoy her remaining years with us.

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