Addition Part II

March 20, 2014

A few weeks I told you about an addition we were hoping to make on our home. It included being able to get a variance between our lot and the neighbors. We presented our plans, photographs and intentions to the county planning commission ahead of time and had our hearing this evening. It took all of maybe 3-4 minutes. We gave our quick explanation and plans along with having our neighbor mail a letter to the Board ahead of time stating her approval of our plans. We won.

Doing our homework and planning simply and concisely worked well in this situation. We meet with the contractor next week to get started but we have one more hurdle. We have to get our neighborhood architectural review committee to approve. I’m hopeful that will go well as this is a definite improvement for our residence and should add value as well.

More updates soon and pics.


2 Responses to “Addition Part II”

  1. Says:


    Who is your contractor?

    Venita Christian

    Aronov Realty Management, Inc.

    3500 Eastern Blvd.

    Montgomery, AL 36116

    Phone: 334-277-1000

    Fax: 334-244-2560


  2. Says:

    That’s awesome.

    Brittany Moon
    Resident Relations Specialist
    Central Park Apartment Homes
    334.271.4653 Fax

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